Sunday, January 20, 2008

Children of the Promise prayer requests

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and His righteousness endures forever. He has caused His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate.”

Psalm 111:2-4


- Emmanuel turned 4 years old on January 23. We are so thankful for the blessing that he is!!

- Kado is out of IBESR J

- Cassandra, Nelson, Christolla, Obenson, and Fresnel all have their passports!

- Robert and Kassandra had their visa appointment on January 22 and they left for Missouri with their adoptive family on January 25!! Pray that they will adjust well to their new surroundings and family.

- David (the little boy that Vanessa is being adopted with) is out of MOI! Thank you for your prayers!!

- Jesse’s paper has been fixed and he and his siblings will be going home soon! Your prayers are making a difference in the lives of these children!

Prayer Requests

- Pray for health, safety, strength, and energy for Blake, Katie, Arlyn, Maria, Daryl, and Sara as they continue to oversee the daily running of COTP.

- We had a wonderful week with the team of 8 guys from Indianapolis. They got a lot of projects done and weren’t afraid to jump in and help with anything that needed to be done. They were such a blessing to COTP and we are thankful for their hard work and giving hearts.

- Daryl’s aunt and uncle are volunteering their time at COTP right now for two weeks. Pray that their time here will be a blessing to us and that they will be blessed by the children and the work that God is doing here at COTP.

- We have a group of 5 coming in on Saturday from Jasper, Indiana. Pray for safe travels for them and a wonderful week here in Haiti!

- Pray for a healthy baby to be born to Nadia, one of our nannies.

- Henri has returned home to his biological family. He’s our sweet little boy with severe hydrocephalus. Pray that he will go home to see Jesus soon and that his pain and suffering will be relieved. We love him dearly and we pray that he will soon be in Jesus’ arms.

- Please continue praying for Nallie. She is still on oxygen and we are starting to wonder if she will need it long-term until she can get her medical visa for heart surgery. Continuing praying that we will be able to wean her off of oxygen. Her adoptive family is working hard at trying to get the hospital and doctors near them to donate her care/surgery. Pray that they will agree and that she will be able to leave soon on her medical visa.

- Pray that Wich-Love will start gaining weight, that her appetite will increase, and that she will begin progressing developmentally.

- Jesse, Moise, and Isabelle will be headed home in the next few weeks! We are SO excited for them and for their adoptive family as their adoption process has taken 3 years! Pray that they will be able to get a visa appointment next week.

- Pierre and Jeffley continue to wait on Pierre’s paper that is being fixed right now. They are so close to going home, we just need that paper fixed and a visa appointment and then they are done! Pray for that paper to be fixed in the next few weeks. Pray for strength for their adoptive family as they wait.

- Pray that things fall into place and we can get birthparent interviews for Geffrey and Francesca so that they can go home to their adoptive families.

- Pray that Fresnel’s sibling, Totalte, will get out of MOI soon so that they can go home to their forever family together and without waiting too much longer.

- Pray that the papers for Cassandra, Obenson, and Francesca will be fixed this week so that these children can head home to their adoptive families!

- Continuing praying that things will continue to move along in both IBESR and MOI. We are SO thankful for the movement that we have seen lately. It is very encouraging and we pray that it will continue.

- Pray that Noah’s birthparent interview on Wednesday, January 30 will go well with no problems.

- Antonio, Paulaine, and Cleguy are doing a fabulous job working on all these adoptions! We are blessed to have such wonderful people that work so well together! Pray for continued strength and energy for them.

- Thank you for all your prayers for Joinise. We were able to get all of her paperwork done in time for her to leave on January 27. We are working with Angel Missions Haiti for her medical visa. There are two hospitals (on the east coast) and one doctor that has agreed to do all of their hydrocephalic kids (about 24 kids) that they have waiting for surgery. We were able to get all of her paperwork done in time for her to leave on January 27. Unfortunately, right before she was supposed to leave, we found out that the hospital she was going to go to doesn’t accept hydrocephalic kids over 12 months old. Joinise is 16 months. She will need to wait until next month when the other hospital is donating the care. Pray that she will stay healthy and stable until she can leave towards the end of Feb!

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