Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Petition for Haitian Adoptions

If you are adopting in Haiti check this out, I found this on

Petition - Proposed Haitian Adoption Law
Please sign the petition. In the comment section write whether you have adopted already, you are in the process of adopting or your are a prospective adoptive parent.

Quite a few people have signed the petition "anonymous" --- Unfortunately, those signatures will have to be removed when I put the petition together for the Haitian Parliament & Senate because "anonymous" is not a signature. We had this issue with a previous letter regarding MOI - there were some in Haiti that used the fact that there were "anonymous" signatures on the petition to try to discredit the petition.
Countries --- it is really important to add what country you are from. Hardly anybody did this in the comment section. It will be a much more powerful petition if the countries are listed.

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