Friday, January 11, 2008


I had a dream last week. I was pregnant...with twins. I was very happy about the situation, although I could feel them kicking me very hard in the ribs. I woke up wondering what this realistic dream meant. I cannot have any more biological children, and honestly I feel like I do not wish to have any more if I could. I am so content with the idea of adding to our family through adoption.

This is a picture we got in the inbox yesterday. I am going to be an aunt to TWINS! My husband's brother and his wife are expecting, this we already knew, but they just found out they are expecting two! I am so surprised and happy for them. Pray for them, they will be busy with their toddler, and the new babies in July!

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MATT said...

Hi Kim,
It's Reggie's mom. Thank you for your kind words. We entered IBESR on Aug. 29th. Our # is 15559. Maybe we'll travel together! Praying they're ALL home SOON!