Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elijah January Update

The Boat Room continues to be very active, they are such a busy, inquisitive group of kids always exploring, climbing and trying to escape! They love to play outside on the Lion kids pavilion when they are in school or sit and play in the grass and on the car port. We have a Rubbermaid barrier separating the Boat kids from the older ones in the hallway and most of the babies like to climb on top of it or try to sneak in between rubbermaids, they love to watch their nannies chase them up and down the hallway. Many of them are so much bigger now they have been bathing outside on the laundry pavilion, they like to use bath time as another chance to run around and explore. They were all really excited about their Christmas gifts, we organised presents and each child got two gifts. They received balls, trucks, dolls and music toys which they’ve had a lot of fun playing with. It’s been interesting to watch them all learn to share; some of them are still struggling with that though! Someone very kindly donated some great hair care products for our girls so Katie has been busy washing all the girls’ hair and giving them deep cleansing treatments. We are now spraying the girls’ hair everyday with a special protective mist that helps to prevent breakage; the girls’ hair is already noticeably softer. We were blessed to have a dentist come and stay with us for a few days recently. He examined all the children’s teeth and was really impressed with them, brushing every night has really helped keep them in good shape.
Elijah has been doing so well recently, he’s one busy happy little boy, always on the go and seeing what mischief he can get up to. He’s very sweet natured too and likes to give kisses and help his friends out. I watched him earlier climb up on one of the seats in the hallway and reach for the kids’ cups, he then proceeded to start handing them out to everyone, making sure that all his friends had enough milk; he’s a great little helper.
He is also a great dancer and loves to move around when his nannies sing. Usually when he dances he marches his feet up and down. Another one of his favourite activities is parties, we’ve had a few birthday and goodbye parties recently and Elijah has enjoyed them all. He LOVES cake and tries to squash as much of it as possible into his mouth in one go.
Every morning when I come in to give Samuel his meds the kids have a little competition to see who can shout my name the loudest, Elijah usually wins, he’ll shout my name really loudly and dances around in his crib until I come over and give him a kiss. He loved opening all his Christmas gifts; he got a fun cash register, a truck and a steering wheel toy. He’s had lots of fun playing with all of them and playing with everyone else’s toys too. Elijah isn’t too thrilled with the whole concept of sharing though, if he has a toy he’ll hold onto it tightly if someone else tries to take it. He is well able to stand his ground but if he feels like he is loosing the battle for it he’ll often start to scream and cry loudly to get one of his nannies attentions in the hope that they will give it to him. When he came over to open his gifts from his aunt and uncle he had so much fun with the gift bag. He kept pulling up the tissue paper and looking at it, then when he discovered that there were cars in there in must have put them in and out of the bag about twenty times. Elijah is the kind of kid who likes the little things fun and finds new ways to entertain himself. He was so excited when Katie brought the new kitchen over to his room; he’s been having lots of fun making delicious treats for everyone! His favourite thing to do is to open and shut the oven door; he really enjoys banging shut and makes sure it’s firmly closed. When it’s open he likes to stand on it and uses it as a platform to reach higher up and touch the picture in the kitchen ‘window’. Elijah has been healthy lately; he currently weighs 23 pounds 2.6 ounces.

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