Friday, January 25, 2008

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

I just checked the IBESR update website. Elijah's number(15744) has been passed up! They usually are exited in order but sometimes it is random. So it can be a good sign, meaning that we are close! Or a bad sign, meaning that they aren't going to sign him out, there is a problem with paper work, or worse (hate to think that it's possible they can loose our entire file). So if you get a moment please say a prayer for us, that Elijah will be signed out SOON and not get passed by.

I heard from Sarah, and they got bad news about her poor Beanie. While you are praying please add her too! She has been going through a lot lately.

Kylie is sick, I thought she was getting better, but now has a horrible cough. We went to the doctor today and she has croup. She should be OK, but it is hard to listen to, especially at night!

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Laurie said...

I hope Elijah gets signed out of IBESR soon!

He is sooo cute - he has such a beautiful smile.

I know the waiting is hard but I hope you get good news soon.

Hugs, Laurie adopting Chrsitola & Nelson