Thursday, January 17, 2008

Missing Bug and Ella

My husband and I (and our kids) all have been missing Bugs and Ella a lot lately. To catch some of you up, we helped our good friends ( care for 2 special little babies last summer. They were from Haiti, had surgery in Texas and lived here while recovering and having more surgery (unexpectedly). I helped to escort them home in September and had a great meeting with their parents and Lori (haitinurse4life). I also was able to visit Children of the Promise and meet Elijah while there. It seems so long ago. I miss the girls, especially Helande (aka Bug) because our family formed a special bond with her. Christella (aka Ella) is missed in a different way. She passed away right after Thanksgiving, basically because of poor health care in Haiti. Lori tried her hardest to help her, but the hospitals and doctors were too late. I miss both girls so much. As I was praying this morning I realized that God brought them into our lives for a special reason. He didn't intend for us to keep them here, although we wanted to. I think they made their way into our lives so our hearts would change. So that we would learn more about special needs children. And so we would learn more about Haiti, where our son in right now. I see change in my life for sure, and also in the lives of my husband and children. We learned so much from these babies, more than I could ever imagine.

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Momto16 said...

Love the pictures. I miss them too! Oh-so-much. :)