Sunday, January 20, 2008

Please pray!

Please pray hard for my dear friend Sarah. She is still having adoption issues with Isaac. Pray that they will have wisdom to make some hard decisions. It is not fair, I am getting very depressed about the whole Haitian adoption thing lately. I have not heard of many files getting signed out of IBESR, and I've heard of a family that is having issues trying to adopt a special needs child. Why is this? I don't get it. Pray for all those children out there waiting to come home. There are a bunch who are just waiting on passports and visas.

I am home from church today, sick. Kylie is too, but she just has a cold. I think my illness is from too much rich food I ate yesterday. I was doing really well the last week, only eating vegan. It really made me feel great! I ate a bunch of cream cheese dip, cookies, cake, tuna salad and croissants yesterday. I am paying the price today! Yuck. Jeremiah was leading worship at church this morning, and was going to announce the Ugandan Orphan Choir that will be coming to our church soon. We are hosting 3 children and one chaperone. I can't wait. I should be great experience for everyone. Jeremiah and I have been working on finding host families. I can't believe the petty issues people are complaining about. I wish they would look at the big picture, and realize that these kids are ORPHANS and have NOTHING and that the dumb trivial stuff doesn't really matter! One family was complaining about having to buy white rice for them, and they already have a bag of brown. "Why can't they eat brown rice?" is what I was asked. Is it too much to drag yourself to the store and buy a $1 worth of white rice for the kids? Come on. Enough ranting, I really hope that this experience will shed some light on us spoiled Americans about the world, the AIDS epidemic in Africa, and the needs that these orphans have.

PS...if you have been signed out of IBESR this month, don't forget to go to and email them your file number and dates so those of us who check it everyday will have more hope of our files being signed out too!!! Thanks.

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