Friday, January 4, 2008

Ugandan Orphans Choir

We are helping our church bring these precious kids to our community to perform:
They will be in our area this month and next, and I believe that our family will be able to host several children while they are here for a few nights!

The Ugandan Orphans Choir is a ministry of Childcare Worldwide (formerly Childcare International). Childcare Worldwide has ministered in East Africa for many years and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of boys and girls, helping them survive and succeed.

The Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda could be a tropical paradise. There are lush forests, white sandy beaches and a year round warm climate. But there is trouble in paradise! The AIDS epidemic has left hundreds upon hundreds of orphans on these islands. Many have been rescued by Childcare Worldwide and now have found a home at our children's villages where we care for all their needs.

From these hundreds of children in the villages we have selected a group of specially gifted children who have successfully toured churches and schools in Canada and the U.S. The children exhibit an amazing vitality, and they reflect the joy and the hope they have found in Christ as they perform Christian songs and present authentic traditional dances accompanied by the rhythm of drums. They are ambassadors from Africa as they start the concert by bringing "Greetings from Africa." The boys and girls are such a blessing to the audiences that by the time they sing their last song, they are often given a standing ovation.

Ten sponsored children and two Ugandan Chaperones travel with staff from the office in the States. Your church or group too can experience the blessings of the Uganda Orphans Choir. Book now for more information.

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