Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another baby...

Don't worry Mom, this is just temporary. Sarah, my friend and coordinator of MAT is going to Texas to help with a baby who has spina bifida. She is hosting a baby, Alfrelina, just ten days younger than Samuel. She is scheduled to return to Haiti to her mama on the 16th of Jan. Since Sarah will be leaving most of her kids at home, she is allowing us to help care for Lena while Sarah is gone, until Lena leaves for Haiti. I am excited to have another baby, Lena knows us pretty well and is super cuddly! Samuel likes her too, so it should be fun!

Birthday parties are being planned. Samuel turns 1 next week! I can't believe it. We will just have a small amount of people here for cake. I bet he will love it.

Christmas was wonderful. We ended up staying at my mom and dads for Christmas eve and day. We got a lot of snow, and we didn't want to be driving home Christmas eve on the bad roads. Samuel and my mom are forming a good bond, and she took him and Cori for two nights last week. He did great! Samuel's favorite gift was a xylophone/piano from my parents. He loves to bang on it and hear himself make beautiful music! We got him a police car, and some giant soft lego blocks. He liked to eat the paper, and didn't get the unwrapping idea, but I'm sure by next year he will be a pro!

We had a Christmas celebration service at church today since last week was cancelled due to weather. It was very moving and lovely. I was brought to tears several times thinking about how our Lord and Saviour came to earth for me and you. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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