Saturday, December 13, 2008

We did it! I was up past midnight working on all the paperwork, but it is done, and with Jeremiah. He is working overtime today, but during his break he will be taking it to Fed Ex.

We were expecting a huge snow storm to blow in yesterday, and it hasn't happened yet. I even went to the grocery store and stocked up, $280! That is the most I have ever spent at the grocery store (not counting Costco). I did buy a gift card for a gift for someone too. So we are fully prepared for anything. Maybe it will start snowing today. I would love it if it snowed, and then melted on Monday when we have to drive around and run errands.

We were asked to light the advent candle at our new church. This was quite an honor, considering we have only been attending for 4 months or so. We will go up, read some scripture, and light the candle. The kids will come up too, so hopefully they will be on good behavior. They did really well at the Christmas play. Loren had a speaking part and did great. Corinn was part of the stage crew and her and Kylie were in the choir. It is always so fun to watch programs like this, because you never know what the kids will do. During the 3 and 4 year old performance, a group of boys got into a brawl, resulting in one boy having to sit with the girls. Too funny! It brought back memories of Corinn chucking her Christmas bells into the audience and hitting the pastor's wife in the head!

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