Friday, December 5, 2008


Samuel and Loren in October...

We went to the hospital yesterday for Samuel's EEG. We had to wake him up two hours before his normal waking time, so 6 am. He was wondering what I was doing to him! We were able to give him food and drinks like normal so that was good. The drive (about an hour and a half) was really hard. He kept trying to dose off and we would all do everything we could to get him to wake up.

The kids and Jeremiah dropped us off and went to play at the Children's Museum. Samuel and I went to the room with the tech. and she wrapped him up with some blankets like a burrito. She showed me how to hold him still with my body lying across him and my hands holding his cheeks. He did so well and didn't fuss at all. He liked to be able to watch tv! Then she applied 30 electrodes to his head and a few to his neck and shoulder. She did a few easy tests and then wanted him to fall asleep. This was the tricky part. Samuel is not a baby that likes to be rocked to sleep much. He just jumps and wiggles and moves around trying to stay awake. So I made him a bottle and sat on the rocking chair to give it to him. He started to babble and clap his hands, and touch the equipment. It took 20 minutes to get him to drift off. I thought that was pretty good, but the tech was not impressed! He also had a terrible cough which made it hard for him to stay asleep. So after a while she woke him up, took of the electrodes and washed his head down. She said she is not sure how the results will be with the sleeping test. She said he must not have been very sleep deprived. I assured her he was, it's just he is a sleep fighter!!! If we were at home and he was in his crib he would have been just fine!
So we have to come in to get our results when we meet with Dr. E. at the end of the month. Unless something is wrong, then they will call. I have a feeling everything is fine though.

Monday is the scheduled CT scan. PLEASE pray that his cold and cough go away over the weekend or we will have reschedule the appointments AGAIN!

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Kathy C. said...

I think it's really so much harder to get themt to sleep when they are off their schedule. Why didn't they just schedule it for his normal nap time????