Monday, December 15, 2008

Interesting Chiari info

Interesting posts on the Chiari yahoo group I'm on....

I found out in Sept that my daughter had 11mm. Her symptoms were getting worse and she had surgery Nov. 5, 2008.Two weeks later my middle child was diagnosed with 5mm.A month later my youngest son (10 yrs old) was diagnosed with 15mm.I am so desperate and dont understand what's going on. I haven't decided whether or not the other 2 should have the surgery but I am scared for them.I will definetly not let them suffer as bad as A. did.

Yes, my son was diagnosed with a 10mm herniation and syrinx, and had surgery in 6/08. My daughter was diagnosed with a 5mm herniation, and just had surgery on 12/8/08. They are my only two children. I've come across several other families now where more than one person in the family has been diagnosed.

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