Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, monday

I missed boot camp today. I was up for several hours with a gall bladder attack. Problems with gall bladders run in my family. I got a Christmas letter from my cousin. She has older kids, and 2 of her girls had to have their GB's removed last summer. I know my time is coming but I have been puting off going to the doctor. I really don't want surgery. I just keep thinking that maybe if I am careful what I eat, I will be fine.

We mailed off the paperwork on Saturday and hoping it is delivered by Wednesday. Still no word on a birth parent interview. The medical appointment is tomorrow!

It is bitter cold here, and the house feels like it just won't warm up!

The advent candle lighting went very well and the kids were angels. I was nervous about speaking in front of everyone, but thankfully am gaining more experience since our trips to Haiti and sharing with the church. I made Jeremiah read the long portion of the script!

I'm not done with Christmas shopping, but we are getting closer. I am really laid back about it this year, but I feel like I should be running around. I haven't been to the mall since before Thanksgiving! The kids made some cookies last night and I will have them bring some to the neighbors today.

Stay warm everyone!

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