Friday, December 12, 2008

More paperwork

I got an email from our lawyers in Haiti. They need us to get some more paperwork to them to complete his visa application. Thankfully the needed things are easy to get, the problem is we are out of ink on our printer...again! So, we need to go buy more cartridges, write a letter (still waiting to hear if it needs to be notarized or translated) and Jeremiah has to find his pay check stubs to mail in. We also need to fill out a few immigration forms. I am thinking we can get it done and Fed-Ex'd to Haiti tomorrow. It is quite expensive to send there, so I am bummed that we have to do this, considering we sent paperwork for his visa in Sept. too! Oh well, anything to bring him HOME! Please pray this won't slow things up. We are hopeful he will be home in January. Please let it be so!

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Kathy C. said...

There is always "one more paper." Arg. Hoping it's soon!