Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Medical Appointment

Elijah had his medical appointment today. I haven't really heard the details, except they now require a TB test. I thought I had read this somewhere online. I guess COTP were surprised by this, and now Elijah and the other little boy will have to fly back to the doctors office in three days to get their injection site checked out. He will also have to fly to PAP for his birth parent interview, whenever that gets scheduled. Please pray that it does get scheduled soon. By the time Elijah is ready to come home, he will be a pro at flying on the "avion".

Another adoptive parent sent a nice report to us. She was there picking up their daughter. I am so grateful to know that Elijah is doing ok. She wrote this:

Very boy! He's maybe a little less verbally oriented than other kids might be, meaning he tends to act more than speak to communicate something. He also doesn't respond to verbal commands as well as others. I have to get down on their level and get them to look at my face to get their attention. He got really focused on something and would not be redirected by the sound of my voice calling his name alone. Only when I physically refocused him was it effective. Just something to think about ahead of time so you can prepare yourself. Elijah is very cute and it was fun to hang out with him. I know it seems like the end of the process is agonizingly long and then all of a sudden he'll be home in an instant!
Thank you so much Heidi!

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