Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from Children's hospital

We had a long day at Children's.  Samuel had a CT scan and met with the neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon.  The neurosurgeon said an MRI should have been done today too, but after the fact.  So we have to come in again.  He said things look good, but can't tell for sure without the MRI.  He printed off some cool 3D pictures of Sammy's skull.  

The plastic surgeon thinks Sammy should have surgery in a few years, at age 3 or 4.  He will remove the artificial bone in his encephalocele site, and will take his real bone and construct part of his eye socket and nasal bridge.  Amazing!  He said he most likely will only need one surgery, and this will make his eyes look more uniform too.  

Samuel is tired, and is sleeping in his crib.  He did great, with no food until 11, and lack of sleep all day.  I am so glad he is a good boy!

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