Saturday, December 6, 2008

This weekend

Please pray that we will receive more good news very soon. Elijah's passport photos were supposed to be delivered to PAP last Monday. I am not sure how long it typically takes for a passport to be made. I don't know what is going on with the whole birth parent interview. Elijah can't have his medical appointment until he has his passport. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, depressed, and worried. Pray for me and all of our health here as we are all sick with a cold.

I had another dream, this time very sad and tearful. In my dream I was told that Elijah had died. I was crying and so upset. Then I found out that Elijah was OK, but another child at COTP had died. So I was relieved, but felt enormous guilt that someone else was experiencing such horrible pain. I did dream that Elijah had a huge infected sore on his back, near his bottom. All of a sudden I woke up and felt like I just had to pray. I prayed for Elijah, for his health and well being. I prayed for all the kids living at COTP. I prayed for angels to surround the gates there and protect everyone inside. I prayed for adoptions to move. Praise the Lord that IS happening. Three kids are coming come very soon!!!

During Christmas time it is so hard for me to celebrate lately. It is hard to know of families struggling so hard during this hard economical time. This morning Jeremiah is in town doing Shop with A Cop. He does this every year, and every year I eagerly wait to here his report when he comes home. He usually has a great story to tell about the kids he shared his morning with. He is paired up with one or two kids, and takes them around Walmart to help them choose some gifts for the themselves and their family. They also pick out new winter coats and boots. The policemen and kids enjoy a nice breakfast together too.

Sorry for this random mix of emotions! Hope you all have a good weekend. The kids have their Christmas play rehearsal today and tomorrow is the big performance!

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Kathy C. said...

My heart goes out to whoever lost their precious child.