Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burdens and Blessings

  • School begins on Wednesday. Rejoicing and worrying all at the same time.
  • E. has been mean lately, mainly to me.  Is he mad that I left him for four days?  Am I just too sensitive?
  • AWANA starts up soon. I recently signed up to help.  I wanted to go to women's bible study during AWANA, but they also offer it on Wed. morning.  Which is the same time as the playgroup  I wanted to go to with E. and S.   Decisions, decisions.
  • A two month old baby boy has been missing for two days mere blocks from our home.  He was taken right out of his home.  Police suspect family or friends since his mother was recently sentenced to prison.  Praying little baby is safe and well.  I am uneasy.  
  • The youth at our church shared about their mission trip to Guatemala.  It was moving and I am amazed by the spiritual maturity of these kids.  Praying about going on a mission trip next year if offered to adults.  
  • Triage? Is this something MAT must do to help the children who need surgery?  Should we limit God's capabilities?  I am struggling with this.
  • Needing to unpack clothes, do laundry and figure out a menu for the coming week.  Ugh.
  • Glad J. is still on vacation and we have some time to spend working around the homestead. His birthday is coming up!  My mom bought him and I tickets to a David Crowder Band concert in Oct. for his gift.  How fun!
  • We have many appointments coming, eye doctor, dentist, therapy...times 7.  It's a lot.  I am so grateful for good insurance and benefits.  
  • My K. is 6.  She is struggling lately with some not too big issues, but could use your prayers.  

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