Friday, August 28, 2009

Please pray for COTP

Prayer Requests August 28, 2009

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;
your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Psalm 57:10

- Suzette (one of our nannies) gave birth to a healthy baby girl last Friday!
- Daniela had her visa appointment yesterday and her visa will be printed today! Her adoptive family will be coming to COTP within the next few weeks to pick her up and take her home to Washington! Praise the Lord!
- We’ve been having problems with our generator but Kurt was able to repair it for now and Arlyn will be back to service it next week.
- Irelene turned 1 year old on Wednesday!
- Jean Renel was able to return home to his Haitian family on Monday. Please be praying that he adjusts well to the transition and that his Mom will be attentive to his needs.
- We are so thankful for our nannies and for the love that they show our children. The other night one of the babies got sick and they all gathered around him to sing and pray over him.
- Samuel is home from the hospital and is doing much better.

Staff and Volunteers
- Pray for wisdom and guidance for all of our long-term staff working in Haiti: Maria, Arlyn, Lindsay, Kurt & Laura, Jamie & Jenny
- Pray that our staff in Haiti would be a Christian light to all those that they come into contact with.
- Arlyn returns to COTP next week, pray for safe travels for him.
- Pray for our nannies who are pregnant right now: Nene, Evania, Nadia, Camelie, and Mme Ga. Pray that they would go full-term and have complication free deliveries. Mme Ga fell the other day and is having a lot of pain – please be praying that the baby is okay.
- Laura took 3 mothers and their babies to PAP for CT scans so that we can begin working on medical visas for them. They had a successful trip and all the CT scans were done. Pray for good results and for hospitals in the States to step forward and offer their medical care.

- Mikenson had a seizure on Tuesday night and had to be taken to Milot Hospital. Please pray that the doctors would be able to figure out what caused his seizure and that Mikenson would return to full health quickly.
- Pierre also had a seizure on Tuesday night. He has a history of seizures so this one was not as surprising as Mikenson’s. Pray that this most recent seizure would not have any long-term effects.
- Herly has been struggling to gain weight and hasn’t been drinking enough so Laura put down an ng tube. Pray that his appetite will increase and that he’ll start to do better.
- Alex has been sick recently and is also struggling with gaining weight. Pray that he’ll do better.
- Anel is also struggling with gaining weight. He doesn’t like to eat at all and he doesn’t drink enough. Pray for this to change.
- David (our sweet baby with down syndrome that we are working on a medical visa for) is gaining well but struggles with a lot of respiratory problems. Pray that he will stay stable in our care until he gets to the States on his medical visa. The hospital in the States will meet on Friday to make a decision of whether or not to accept him into their care.
- Comfort and no pain for Conrad
- Daycen was admitted to COTP yesterday. He was abandoned by his mother and his father is trying to sort things out right and needed a little help caring for Daycen in the meantime. Daycen is 7 months old and weighs just over 12lbs. He is a sweet, handsome boy who appears to be very healthy. Pray for him as he adjusts to living at COTP.
- Pray that the other children will remain healthy and for health for our staff here who are caring for the sicker babies.

- Pray for Antonio, Paulaine, and Herns. Pray that they would not become discouraged as they wait for our Creche license to be approved.
- Pray for all the files in the adoption process – pray that they would quickly move through the different offices and that there would be no delays or problems.
- Pray for peace and patience for the adoptive families as they wait for their little one(s) to come home.
- Antonio met with the director of IBESR and she has promised to visit COTP in September. Please pray that she holds true to her word and that IBESR will be pleased with what they see at COTP and that our Creche license would be approved.
- Please be praying specifically for Isaac. His file has been in MOI for a very long time. Pray that it would be approved this week and for good news on his case.


Kathy C. said...

I really, really, really want Alex. Have since I saw him. I but I just do not think I could do this again. If he could come home on a medical visa first....

I have been three months to get into ibesr, 9 mo in ibesr, 7 mo in parquet, 3 mo in judgment, 5 mo in second legal and they've lost the judgment paper so my file has gone back to judgment. Who knows how long it will be. My twins have gone from 20 mo to 4 yrs old and nowhere near coming home.

I dearly want Alex but just don't think I could do it. Perhaps he already has a home by now anyway.

Kathy C. said...

Oops. I was thinking of the wrong Alex. The one my heart is burdened for is Alix with an "i" and is older.