Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Bill


E. reminds me of the cartoon series Little Bill.  I think he looks a lot like him!  There is an episode where Little Bill is going to be in a wedding, and is the ring bearer.  He gets upset because he wants to be the "ring bear" and wear a bear suit.  

E. gets to be a ring bearer in his aunt's upcoming wedding.  I ordered this tuxedo for him off ebay. It was brand new with tags for $19.99.  I think it will look perfect once it gets pressed. 
What a deal!  Isn't he so cute?


Momto14 said...

OH my word. I can't wait to show his girlfriend. We should get Bean dressed up and put them together for a photo shoot. He is so stinking cute I can hardly stand it!!

One Crowded House said...

I LOVE it! just darling!

Kathy C. said...