Monday, August 17, 2009

We're home!

I have a pile of laundry about 5 feet high.  I ended up not packing enough clothes, but we made it work.  We also packed some things we did not need all, like a croquet set, some games, and shorts and tees!  It was pretty chilly most of the time, but not unbearable.  I was only really cold during the first night, mainly because baby S. was sleeping between J. and I.  I couldn't cuddle up to my honey, so my feet were freezing!  

Last night we stayed in a hotel and had fun playing in the pool.  The kids enjoyed watching tv and going to bed relatively early.  We got home today with time to pick up the dogs, clean out the car, and mow the lawn.  I am working on all the laundry. Pictures will be coming soon, when I can find my camera!

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