Saturday, August 8, 2009

Country festival

We live in the outskirts of the city in a very small town, population around 300.  Today is the local festival to celebrate this small town, and embrace your inner "hick" or hillbilly as my kids say.  It's funny, since we do live very close to several major cities, but the feel out here is so country.  J. took the kids to the festival to see the parade, street fair, lawnmower races, car show, and hick olympics.  They will be missing out on the karaoke contest, since we are headed to a wedding this afternoon.  Bummer.

Cl. is amazed at how slow our internet connection is.  He also was wondering why we can't record his favorite shows.  Life is slower out here in the country, perhaps even slower than Haiti!  I was trying to explain that we don't have cable available, and the only way to get high speed internet is by a satellite provider.   Not on the top of our priorities at this point.  I also said we live out in the country, to which Cl. replied, "You don't live in the county, in America?"  Totally lost in translation!

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Kathy C. said...

It sounds like fun.