Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer update

Alex (Samuel) is doing great and having a fun summer.  He is learning a few new words.  He can say hello, up, mama, papa, dada, car, truck, wow, ball, banana, water (sounds like waden), moo, cow, neigh, oww, baby, and others I can't think of right now.  He is starting to combine words like "Hi dada!" He is imitating words and sounds a lot more and that is great to hear!  He is very independent and likes to run, walk, climb and dance.  He has been to the zoo, museum, park, swimming, camping and more!  He charms everyone he meets, and asks complete strangers to pick him up.  This concerns me a bit, but I am trying to teach him to say hello instead of lifting his hands and saying "UP!". He waves on demand and his smile will get ya!  He is eating everything except doesn't really like cut up pieces of meat.  We are trying to put all the bottles away and just do sippy cups.   He has not even complained.
As far as health, he's been healthy this month. We have a doctor's appointment in September since they couldn't get him in for his 18 month check before then.  

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