Friday, August 7, 2009

"Lord I left you in mon high"

Cl. had a list of praise songs he enjoys.  The minute he got in the car to come to our our house he asked J. if he knew the songs.  The first one was written "Lord I left you in mon high" in carefully printed pencil.  I laughed when I saw it after he was in bed.  It is supposed to be "Lord, I lift your name on high".  Cl. is a joy to be around.  He is certainly a teen, and already knows how to push the boundaries, but it's been a fun day today.  The kids are all getting along wonderfully.  The only thing I don't get about him: he doesn't like chocolate.  Crazy.  

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Sarah said...

I should have given you a little background information on the music thing. Cl. had been working on making a list the day before at my house so that he could have me make him a CD of worship music that he loves. But most of the songs we couldn't figure out "the version" or the words in the title/refrain. I told him that J. would be a great resource to know most of the songs by hearing Cl. sing or hum them. that is so awesome to hear that he is doing so well- I don't get the chocolate thing either!