Saturday, August 8, 2009

white wedding

This evening we attended a wedding.  It reminded me a lot of our wedding, we were so young and naive.  I missed the entire ceremony, due to the little boys being way too noisy and unable to sit still.  J. was in the wedding party so it was all on me to keep the kids in line.  We had to go on a little walk outside, leaving the 4 older kids inside by themselves. They did just fine.  

Cl. was not that impressed by the whole thing.  He really wanted to leave so he could go home and watch tv.  We were home by 8, just in time.  My feet hurt and it's time for the kids to go to bed!

I did meet an adoptive mom who adopted two older girls from Ethiopia.  She was very friendly and her girls loved my boys.  Too bad they live several hours away.  I hope that we can connect again.  It's so strange when you meet another interracial adoptive family.  You don't quite know if you should approach them or not, and it's always awkward to ask where they adopted from.  

Many people asked about Cl. I am amazed at how many people had no qualms about asking me about his surgery and home life right in front of him!  Maybe they thought he didn't speak English?

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