Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pee Pee

E. is fully potty trained, but we are working on staying dry during bedtime.  He is 3 years and 4 months old.  Lately I have been putting a diaper or pull up on him at night, to keep bedding dry.  Last night J. put the boys to bed and decided to have E. sleep in his big boy underwear.  He woke up, changed his wet pants by himself and started to play.  We went to his room to grab some clothes and noticed a huge puddle of urine on a bean bag chair in their room.  We questioned E.  He acted out the whole thing very clearly, showing us how he pulled his pants down and went "pssss" on the bean bag.  He got in BIG trouble.  He was asked where he should go pee pee.  He replied "in de toilet".  This is in fact the third time he has urinated in his room on purpose.  I am not very happy and am not quite sure how to discipline.  Even negative attention is attention, if this is why he is choosing to do this.  The bathroom is a quick few steps down the hall so I don't think it's that he couldn't make it there.  I think that part of the problem may be that at the o. the boys would urinate wherever they chose to outside.  Maybe.  Or maybe he is just doing this to be naughty?  I don't know.  Hoping he will not do this on our camping trip this weekend! Now, off to do some laundry, pack and clean up pee pee. 

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Laurie said...

How frustrating! Personally I would duct tape his diaper on so he is unable to take it off on his own to prevent him peeing where he shouldn't. That way you can cut it off when you get up & saves you lots of laundry & cleaning up pee.

Both my kids still wear pull ups at night. Christolla just turned 6 & wakes dry occasionally but not frequently enough to go without diapers. Nelson just turned 4 has been dry a few times but is soaked more often than not. I limit beverage in-take after supper & even stay up till midnight every night to wake them both to go potty before I go to bed.

Not sure why they are taking so long to stay dry at night but they get up & throw out their own diapers & it is only one diaper a day so I haven't worried about it yet.