Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food, Ears and Therapy

Whiny E. not liking the drive on our vacation

Yesterday E. told me his ear hurt.  I looked inside and it looked like he had stuck some oatmeal or bread inside of it.  What?  Why?  I got some tweezers and was able to grab hold of the substance and pull it out (about the size of a pea).  I looked in it again, there was still a bunch of stuff deeper inside.  I called the doctor.  I didn't want to do what my instinct was, put something inside his ear to fish it out, and end up pushing it further inside.  The advise nurse told me to flush his ear with warm water.  So I did, and I did and I did.  It would not come out.  I gave him a bath and had him lay in the water, covering his ears.  It was still jammed inside.  I gave up for the day.  Today I decided to give it another shot.  Syringe, warm water, towels and a crying 3 year old filled two hours of my afternoon.  After many attempts, brown, chunky STUFF came draining out of his ear.  Followed by a BIG plug of ear wax, dirt and gunk.  EWWW!  I decided to do the other ear as well, since it also looked plugged.  It took nearly as long but almost the same amount of stuff came out of that one too. Lets hope he can hear better now!

The OT who did his evaluation called today to go over the results.  It sounds like he for sure has a sensory processing disorder.  He will be going to his first therapy session on Sept 11.  I hope it helps.  She recommended seeing him weekly, but since her schedule is so full, it may not be possible.  It sounds like all the therapists in our county are busy.  


Nina said...

Hang in there Kim! We had the same issue with Zoe getting OT. It wasn't until we got her in school that she was able to schedule regular appts.

Kathy C. said...

Ugh. I do not envy you that!!!!

Ericka said...

Hi sweetie,
My middle guy gets gross ear wax too. I can totally gross out and relate.
Thanks so much for checking on little Fabi. She is a doll baby and I'm doing my best to NOT get too attached :)
You may want to get in touch with my adoptive friend here who's son from COTP has a sensory disorder too to compare notes, etc - send me an email and I'll send you hers.