Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sensory Integration

I went to a great event last night put on by our local Parent to Parent group. The OT our doctor recommended was the guest speaker, so I got a good idea of what she was like, which was great. Unfortunately she is very busy and she has a waiting list. I learned a lot and got some great tips! After learning more, I suspect that some of my other children could have some mild SPD stuff going on too.   
Here are some of the things I can do around the house for home therapy:

Make a weighted blanket (I will post instructions soon)
"Heavy" playtime (jumping, swinging, lifting, heavy pressure)  
Sensory play table
Bouncing on a ball or bungee chair 
Squishing between cushions
Swinging and spinning
Sit n Spin toys
Holding firmly for an amount of time
Mini trampoline
Dressing in tight lycra clothing
Practicing safety, making sure "stop" is a word they know if important (not used all the time)

There are some great products out there too...

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