Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today marks four months of waiting. We went into this journey expecting to travel by now. We are waiting, and hoping. Last night I prayed that we would get word from our lawyer. God answered my prayers...here's what he said:

Hi Kimberly, my best regards.
Sorry am currently in nairobi doing an arbitration I will be back in Kampala on Saturday, should be able to get back to you in the course of the week.
Am also hoping that by then there will be a consensous with the Embassy.
Please keep in touch.

Also, I called about our fingerprint clearance letter. It was sent to our agency's old address. I had faxed them a change of address request. They didn't get it or chose to ignore it. The PO will not forward government letters to different addresses after delivered. I am trying to contact my agency to see if they may be able to track the letter down. Ugh, my stomach hurts. If they can't find it I need to call back on Monday. Hopefully they can resend the letter without problem if it's not found. I don't want to wait another TWELVE WEEKS!

Please keep PRAYING! I am feeling down and hopeless at this point. I don't like feeling this way. I know the delays are all for a reason. I just want Mercy to come home and be able to get the medical attention she needs.

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