Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have been working on simplifying my life the last few weeks. So far it's going slow. Here are some things I have done so far...
  • Started a token earning system for the kids. They have to do chores to earn them, and can spend them on a special treat or activity, or tv/computer time. They can lose tokens by naughty behavior.
  • I am editing my memberships to the several yahoo groups I've been part of. I get lots of emails in my yahoo box and most of them are from group discussions that I never even read. I just spend my time deleting. So I am taking the time now to remove myself from the groups I don't need to be part of anymore (like some Haitian adoption groups) and editing some so I don't get the emails.
  • We bought a cabinet like the one below to go in the family room (it's not the prettiest thing but it was pretty inexpensive) to store stuff I don't want the little guys into (games, puzzles, playdough, craft supplies). Now I have the storage space for the stuff to put it where it belongs (dishes in the china cabinet, shoes and coats in the closet, etc.)
  • I am going through everything and packing unused or unwanted items in boxes for an early spring garage sale. We are storing all the packed boxes in a room in the studio.
Here are some goals I have for the near future:
  • finish painting the girl's room. It's more than halfway finished
  • start doubling up on recipes and freezing meals
  • continue organizing and purging


Kathy C. said...

You really do have to simplify when you add more children don't you? Finding that out! Are you at the point where you actually get to pee pee by yourself?

Sarah said...

I have many of the same goals this year. I just started making double meals last week and have a few put away in the freezer. If I could get my husband to purge some of his things I would be doing great! :)