Wednesday, February 3, 2010

so close and now this...

I logged on to facebook to see how my friend S. is doing in Uganda. She just had approval for her son's legal guardianship on Monday. She is going through all the steps to get his passport/visa and come home. She had some issues today while trying to get paperwork for his passport. Well that opened a whole can of worms on the internet and now I am hearing stories from several other families in the process. Here is the worst one, but seems to be accurate from what I can tell.

I just got an email from our
social worker with Generations:
I wanted you to be aware that we have heard that Legal Guardianship Immigrant Visa issuance in Uganda is currently on “hold” due to a problem with the wording used for the legal guardianship paperwork in the Ugandan courts. They have not shut down adoptions in Uganda, but the U.S. has asked them to put a pause on issuing visas until they can work out different wording with the Uganda courts. Our Ugandan attorney has a appointment at the US Embassy in Kampala tomorrow to obtain additional information and potential ramifications relating to this situation. Generations is confident that hearing directly from the Embassy will cut through a lot of rumors now circulating on the internet. I will email you again tomorrow to let you know information. At this time, this is all the information I have and will not have more accurate information until our lawyer meets with the Embassy tomorrow.

So, we are not exactly sure what will happen... some people are very positive that things will improve, some not so much. Everyone agrees that we all need to be on our knees. PLEASE pray that we will be able to bring Mercy here. I would be heartbroken, and I think she would be too....Pray for our friends in the process who are there right now. Pray for the future of adoptions and for the millions of children so deserving of a family.

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