Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big bumpy road...

We are experiencing some big bumps in the road of our adoption. I am not writing on this blog about our sixth child for privacy purposes during the process, but you can read all about her on the private blog I am keeping. (if you want to read I will send you an invite. I need your email address and a little intro about who you are!) Please pray for the process to smooth over quickly and that we will have some clear answers very soon. This sort of thing should have been expected, as there seems to be issues that rise up in nearly every adoption! But it really took us by surprise since things were going so well and quick. Please pray for us and several other families being negatively effected by changes in country.

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Svetlana said...

HI, i would like to follow your pravate blog, my blog is I been at COTP with Alisha whenshe was adopting Mathew and met your little one that time ;-) I been following your blog for awile my e-mail is lululchik at gmail dot com.
Will be praying for your next adoption