Sunday, February 14, 2010

no pees

I get frustrated by cleaning up a nearly four year's bed more than two nights in a row. It's really irritating to spend money on pull ups and diapers when you find them used, on the floor near his bed before he even falls asleep. (he takes them off because they are already yucky and wet) Or when your husband forgets to put them on and sends little boy to bed in regular underwear. Everything this morning was completely soaked. Little boy reeked of urine from head to toe and was shivering from being wet most of the night.

And I am reminded by other adoptive moms that it could be worse. WAY worse. Thanks for the reality check.


Sarah & Crew said...

I feel for you, truly, because we go through the SAME thing. Both of our boys, 5 1/2, are heavy nighttime wetters.

I finally switched from pull-ups, which still soaked everything, to buying big diapers. We haven't had a soaked sheet incident yet. Thank goodness!

I also assigned the boys the job of "bathroom wastebasket emptiers" each and every morning. Because that soaked, cold urine smell is the worst!

Anonymous said...

my daughter does the same thing - pees in her diaper and takes it off before she falls asleep b/c she doesn't want to feel wet!!! so frustrating, i feel your pain :) i hope your fast from the internet is going well and that you get good news soon. praying,