Thursday, February 11, 2010

what's new with us...

The kids have no school tomorrow or Monday, so C.'s class is having a "friendship celebration" today. She wanted to go shopping for some Valentine cards, but I found a cute idea in the Family Fun Magazine for hand made cards. She loved the idea and we spent several quality hours together making 30 cards for her classmates and teachers.

We have had a cold work it's way through the crew, but nothing too bad thankfully. E. got the worst of it, and got a yucky sore under his nose. (doesn't he look so sad?) L. missed school yesterday because of a sore throat and headache.

The swing kit arrived last week and the boys have been LOVING it! It has been great to sooth senses, burn energy and help my sanity. Also, the weather here has been great (believe it or not). Last week we had sunshine, temps in the 50's and no rain/snow. So we went outside to play for several days in a row. The kids helped Daddy do some yard work while the little guys pulled the wagon around, played in the sand box, and ran in the grass.

K. had her seventh birthday the other day! She is such a sweet, beautiful little girl. We celebrated with ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins, and spent the day together. She got to spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma's house the night before.

S. went potty in the potty chair a few times the other day! This may be the start of something... sorry, no picture to go with this one!


Jim and April said...

pics are nice! What a cute birthday cake...i decorate cakes so I always love looking at other cakes! :0)

One Crowded House said...

those cards turned out very cute... I always rip ideas like that out of the magazine, and then never get around to making them!

mama bear said...

April, I saw your cake blog! Love them, you are very talented. I was bummed that K.'s cake got damaged a bit on the way home...but it didn't bother anyone else.