Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We finally heard from our lawyer. Here is what he thinks:
As for the special needs cases the judges are more open to that right now given the current crisis at the Embassy. I would do that although i think alot depends on how the judges look at it nd especially whih judge we get!
Am not sure if all the judges subscribe to this special needs/circumustances approach.
At your instance i can proceed with it. If for any reason the judge does not agree we can then file for legal guardianship afresh while your here, is that acceptable?
Am not very comfortable with the special needs adoption because i do not think that is what the law says, it says in special circumustances a foreigner may adopt a Ugandan child, it does not say that the requirements will be waived for special needs children!
However the judges are the kings of the law and if that is how they interpreat it we can go along with that interpretation.
I guess am going to let u make this call.
Please confirm.

We told him we would like to go for an adoption. Please pray that we can move forward and submit our paperwork soon.
Thank you!