Monday, February 1, 2010


My little girl got her ears pierced last weekend. I so wish I could have been there to hold her hand. I heard she did really well and loves her earrings. Then I read about why the girls in Mercy's home all got their ears pierced. As I was reading the email I let out an "oh my gosh"...ready?
S. wrote:
On Saturday we gave all the girls holes in there ears and earrings. Mercy did very good and she loves them.
It was important to do so because there is a lot of sacrifice going on. They steal children, take some parts from them and then kill them.It is all withcraft!! it is happening a lot but last weekend it happened to a girl in our Neighbourhood. (a family member of one of our workers) They believe that the children need to be complete and virgins otherwise they don't take them that fast. So when they have earrings they are not complete.

I guess I was a bit ignorant about the culture/lifestyle in Uganda. I knew that there was some voodoo/witchcraft but I thought Haiti was far worse.

I also read this, from a facebook friend..
I just recently spent 6 weeks in Jinja. It is a very dark place. There is alot of withcraft and child sacrifice. They pierce their ears right away and even stick a kind of fishing line or stick/twig in there if they don't have earrings. This piercing renders them "damaged" and they are not pure anymore for sacrifice. One mama said they have to be soooo careful because even FAMILY members will come during the day if the children are alone or whatever and take the kids off to be sacrificed.

I wrote:
do they do something for the boys or they not at as great of a risk of being taken?

her reply:
not something about circumcision, but I can't remember the context...girls are overall considered "more valuable" in Ugandan culture because they work. That is why there are always more boys available for adoption. "" this article speaks to circumcision and ear piercing although I don't know if this is a reputable source..just came across it one day...

Please pray for the protection of the children at Mercy's home, and in her village.


Salzwedel Family said...

Oh how awful! I'm glad she got them pierced.

Jagers said...

I am continuing to pray for you guys!! I am just loving this little girl. I am so glad that she will eventually get to be in a home where she is safe at night.
You guys are amazing Kim!!