Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Support System

I have been thinking about our upcoming trip. While we still don't know when it will be, it could be soon and most likely last minute. I have been in contact with a few parents who have some great bits of advice. Here is something that's really gotten to me as we prepare:

"I would encourage you to hold tight to your faith in God's great plan for you, your future daughter, and your whole family. My experience left me crying on the floor, but God still held me and still had a big plan for my daughter. It gets really hard to hold on to your faith when there are so many balls in the air, so many things that can go one way or another. I tried to take each day minute by minute and that really helped.

Do you have a big support system? I couldn't have made it without great friends who were willing to e-mail me every single day and call and do nice things for my family at home. I don't usually ask for help too often, but this time I accepted help from whoever offered and it was needed and so appreciated."

The support system. We have a small one. It will be hard for us to ask for help. J's mom said she would come and stay as long as she is needed. My parents will most likely spend time with a few kids at their home when they can. My friend has offered to help as well.
***Also wanted to add this about my mother in law. She is willing to come here, last minute, to take care of her grandchildren. She lives across the state. She may even have to give up her job, and she is willing to do that for us! What a wonderful woman. One who will need and deserves some help. She is not likely to ask for it.***

It terrifies me to leave our five children. It makes me sad to think how much I will miss them and they will miss us. My girls get teary eyed just talking about it. My little boys are so little. One is still forming attachments and bonding with us. One has special needs. Ugh, my heart hurts just typing this.

We will need support.
We will need help.
We will need prayer warriors.
We will need encouragement.

Here are some ways our local friends/family can lend a hand:
  • offer to take one or a few kids for a break for my mom in law
  • bring over a meal (even pizza is great!)
  • offer to help with housework
  • help in case something is needed with the house/property
  • offer to run errands for my kids/ mom in law
  • take a kid to an appointment if needed
  • pray and send us emails with words of encouragement
  • we may need help with unexpected finances while we are gone

Some ways out of town friends/family can help:
  • call my family at home to encourage, check in, and pray
  • send emails to us to encourage and lift our spirits
  • send notes to our children
  • send gift cards to favorite eateries for a special treat (you know, the places kids love!)
  • pray pray pray for us!
  • put us on your prayer chain at church, ask anyone you know to pray
  • we may need help with unexpected finances while we are gone

Can you think of other ways people can help us?
Please pray about how you can help.

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Tommy's mommy said...

What a great post Kim! I WILL HELP. Let me think about this, we should have a play date or two. When J brought the kids to the pool I played a bit with the smallest ones of your crew but would love my two youngest to connect with yours more so I could be of more help when you are gone. Much love to you!